810 - 530 8th Ave S.W. Calgary, AB T2P 3S8

810 – 530 8th Ave S.W. Calgary, AB T2P 3S8
Phone: 403-930-0246


Established in 2011, Element Technical Services is a privately-held well fracturing and coil services company. Element’s current operations are focused on Western Canada, the Williston Basin in SW Manitoba, SE Saskatchewan (including projects in Southern Alberta), Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Wyoming, and Denver. Element has strong foundations and vested interests in the communities in which it operates. A few notes about who we are:

Special Operations

Specializing in hydraulic fracturing and well preparation, Element knows what it takes to efficiently execute a well prep for the hydraulic fracturing process.

This crucial step requires precision pumping to be successful and Element has the personnel with the expertise to do it correctly & efficiently.

First-Hand Experience in Well Prep Operations

Element is driven by results and Customer Satisfaction!

What we do:

  • Toe Prep
  • Acid Pumping
  • Diagnostic Fracture Injection
  • Wireline Pump Down
  • Frac Communication Protection
  • Flexible Scheduling to Cover Any Job
  • Miscellaneous Pumping up to 03m 3/min
  • Utilization of full size Data Van for real time data acquisition and customer comfort

The Element Experience Includes:

  • State of the art equipment
  • Trained, qualified, knowledgeable crews and staff.
  • Outstanding safety record
  • Strategically located laboratory (directly integrated with field operations)