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810 – 530 8th Ave S.W. Calgary, AB T2P 3S8
Phone: 403-930-0246

Coiled Tubing

In-house COIL Tubing services allows Element to control the quality of service, equipment utilization and optimization of the FRAC Design. Our integration of the fracturing and COIL Tubing services offers the following Element Advantage:

EXPERTISE: From management to field staff, our team is dedicated to applying that knowledge to assist in your needs.

CUSTOMIZATION: Element’s COIL Tubing Division will build and design fit for purpose CT strings tailored to the operations.

EFFICIENCY: Our extensive Maintenance Program designed for dependability and efficiency further enables Element to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Element Coil and Pumping Services

knows every operation requires a unique solution and that different stages of your completion or workover involve different equipment and requirements. This is why we designed our Hybrid Coil Tubing Unit. With the same Rig, we can offer Masted Coil and Conventional Coil Operations, providing flexibility at the wellsite based on your operational needs at that phase of the completion.

Casper Wyoming Coiled Tubing

Element knows what it takes

to efficiently reach TD on your most challenging wellbore. We pioneered the 3-mile horizontal completion back in 2019, and have completed many since. Our in-house, real-time job monitoring software keeps a close eye on every detail of the wellbore and equipment to ensure we are maintaining maximum efficiency on the wellsite. Our software is designed to monitor current operational parameters and forecast upcoming events so we can prepare for a friction lock-up or heavy pull on the well, and at the same time we are also monitoring our equipment diagnostics so we can best support our crews in the field.

Element Pumping Services Offers:

Key Features

  • Hybrid Rig – Masted or Conventional
  • 130,000lb Injector Heads
  • 10K and 15K Pressure Control


  • 600HP Single and Twin Triplex Fluid Pumps
  • 800HP Twin and 1000HP Twin
  • Electrified Chemical Van for liquid

Add On-the-Fly

  • Leading edge real-time monitoring

What We Do:

  • Shifting Sleeves – Element is the leader in well completions utilizing shifting sleeves. We have Coil strings, pressure control equipment and expertise to execute frac-thru coil or down annular
  • Sand Cleanouts
  • Coil Tubing Milling
  • Acidizing
  • Underbalanced Drilling & Milling
  • Diagnostic Facture Injection
  • Wireline Pump Downs
  • Flexible Scheduling to Cover any Job

Reel Capacities:

Coil Rig CT Capacity
2″ 26,248′
23/8″ 21,654′
25/8″ 17,061′
27/8″ 14,764′
BART CT Capacity
2″ 37,448′
23/8″ 24,600′
25/8″ 21,282′
27/8″ 18,570′

The Element Experience Includes:

  • State of the art equipment
  • Trained, qualified, knowledgeable crews and staff
  • Outstanding safety record
  • Strategically located laboratory (directly integrated with field operations)

24-Hour Coil Dispatch: